CAL 3 (Certificato di attitudine al lavoro)

These exercises are for testing of the Boxer so one can determine the specific characteristics of the breed that set apart the more qualified subjects for breeding. Minimum age for admission is one year.

Description of exercises/tests
a) The handler enters the ring with the Boxer on a leash and addresses the judge. Always with the Boxer on the leash, he walks or runs at the direction of the judge; the Boxer will then be let loose and three shots from a pistol will be fired immediately. The Boxer shall not show any fear at the shot, nor react with excessive aggression. Curiosity and interest is well accepted

b) The handler enters the ring behind the Boxer with a stranger holding him by the leash while the handler distances himself about 30-40 paces. Upon orders from the judge, the boxer responds as he is being attacked by an aggressor who appears from a hidden spot. At this point, the Boxer is let loose by the stranger and runs to defend the handler while attacking the aggressor, holding onto his sleeve even if he is struck 2 or 3 times by a stick.

c) Immediately after, the handler restrains the Boxer by the collar while the aggressor runs away 40 or 50 paces. At this point the aggressor carries out a lunging attack with only the appearance of hitting with the stick. Also during this test, the Boxer must grab onto his sleeve.

There is only one conclusive judgment: “Pass” - “Fail”

If the tests are not successfully passed by the Boxer, you cannot retest before waiting one month. After a second failure you must be waited 6 months from the first trial.

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