A very warm Thank You to Simona Tanzarella for making it possible for us to add some fantastic dogs to our breeding program. Your guidance and advice has helped us tremendously there are no words to describe your kindness. I also want to thank Simona Tanzarella and Giulia Bratti for always being gracious hosts when we come to Italy. Your hospitality is very much appreciated. Thank you Simona for breeding such beautiful dogs! www.tanzarella.it

A big Thank You to Massimo Frascari for MARNEO. He encompasses everything you would want in Cane Corso and more! We are extremely grateful and happy to have such a magnificent dog in our breeding program. I also want to thank you for breeding our Italia. Your years of work have produced the most fantastic dogs and for this I commend you! Thank you Massimo!!! www.deidauni.it

A special thank you to Massimilano Triola in Umbria for coming up with the idea to breed CONAN to your beautiful REDHOT. Your idea transpired into a litter of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen and for this I am grateful. Thank you Max!!

A huge thank you to Alvaro Jae San Martin for importing Presidente and giving me my first Corso and my first love. My life would have been different without him and for this I thank you a million times!!!

Special thanks to the Web designer of this site: www.ogdenian.com

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