CAL 2 (Certificato di attitudine al lavoro)

In order to be awarded Cal2 the dogs must be subjected, with favorable outcome, to the following exercises:

Behavior towards friendly strangers (Same as Cal1).

Indifference to firearm (Same as Cal1).

Defense of the handler.
A decoy, armed with a flexible stick is placed behind a blind (hiding place). The handler, with the dog on leash (the leash is approximately 5 meters long) but held to a length of approximately 1 meter, proceeds ahead according to the instructions given by the steward. A stake is placed at a distance of approximately 10 meters from where the decoy is hiding, and, as the dog and handler reach the stake they stop. At the same time, upon orders given by the steward, the decoy exits from the blind and threatens the handler and dog. When confronted with this threat, the handler must immediately let the dog free and urge it to attack. The dog must immediately and decidedly react biting the sleeve of the decoy and maintaining, possibly, the hold until the end of the exercise. During this action the dog does not have to be hit in any way, but only threatened. The dog that does not succeed in maintaining a constant hold of the sleeve for the entire duration of the exercise unless due to apparent shyness - must however uninterruptedly maintain a decidedly aggressive attitude toward the decoy. The test ends on indication of the steward which, in estimating it, does not have to hold in account the length of the attack, and that it is not needlessly prolonged, but above what is taken into consideration is the decision and reaction readiness of the dog when confronted with the threat. The dog that shows fear, the total lack of aggressiveness and sleeve hold, indifference, are always considered highly negative factors.

"Attack" - "Stop" (optional).

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