CAL 1 (Certificato di attitudine al lavoro)

In order to be awarded the CAL 1 title, the dogs must undertake the following tests and have a favorable outcome:

Behavior towards friendly strangers.
The dog must remain calm in front of friendly persons. On indication of the steward, the handler walks the dog with a loosened leash and without giving orders. As friendly strangers walk by, the dog must remain calm; he should also remain calm when the handler approaches or is approached by strangers in order to shake their hand, to ask information etc... The dog however should not be touched. Care must be taken that during this exercise everything is handled as casual as possible.

Indifference to firearm noise.
For each dog, a pistol is fired twice in rapid succession from a distance of approximately 20 meters. The exercise is executed with the dog held to a loosened leash of approximately 2 meters of length.

Defense of the handler.
A decoy, armed with a flexible stick is placed behind a blind (hiding place). The handler, with the dog on leash (the leash is approximately 5 meters long) but held to a length of approximately 1 meter, proceeds ahead according to the instructions given by the steward. A stake is placed at a distance of approximately 10 meters from where the decoy is hiding, and, as the dog and handler reach the stake they stop. At the same time, upon orders given by the steward, the decoy exits from the blind and threatens the handler and dog. The handler, remains still by the stake, but incites the dog to face the threat by loosening the leash, therefore allowing the dog to approach the decoy/aggressor. The dog must react immediately and energetically defend its handler. There should never be contact between the decoy and the dog. This exercise is interrupted by the steward when the dog has demonstrated with its reaction readiness, its real defense attitude. The dog that shows indifference, shyness or manifests fear should not be given a passing grade.

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